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Are you SICK AND TIRED of repairing or replacing hardwood, granite, marble, ceramic tile, VC tile, sheet vinyl and other flooring materials on construction sites after you've installed it?

You've already taken the time to install your flooring, countertops, and walls on the job site to your exacting standards. You're a master craftsman and take great pride in the quality of your workmanship. The problem is, other trades on the job site could care less about what happens to it after you finish.

You may use rosin or construction paper to protect your floors, countertops and walls. The trouble is, it tears easily and you have to return to put even more of the material down... you just doubled the cost of the protection material, spent time away from another project that is making you money, and don't even think about the wasted gas!

What is your time worth?

How much did this just cost you?

Hundreds of Dollars?

Even Thousands of Dollars?

If you've ever used sticky-back plastic film, most likely you've had to spend hours cleaning the residue from your flooring materials after you remove it. More wasted time, gas and materials.

And what happens when you find a dent or scratch in the materials you tried to protect? Yep! Replace it, or the customer or contractor won't accept your work which means you won't get paid in full until it's fixed: at your expense, of course.

You may have resorted to using masonite or plywood to prevent scratches and dents in your finished flooring, but the cost of those materials is astronomically high and takes too much extra time to cut and put into place.

Your headaches and frustration will disappear for providing temporary protection for all flooring surfaces on your construction project when you use
Floor Defender™

Floor Defender™ provides these benefits to Smart Contractors:

  • Withstands the construction environment like no other product—beats paper protection hands-down!
    --You install it once and forget about it

  • Padding protects against dents, scratches, gouges, wet/mud traffic
    --Provides you with better protection than thinner gauge products (FD is 40 mils thick!)

  • Long-lasting, virtually tear-proof
    --Will continue to protect your floors even if it gets wet

  • Doesn't trap moisture
    --Allows sealers to breathe and fully cure while it's protecting your flooring

  • Doesn't lose strength—even when wet
    --Won't tear or break down like other temporary flooring protection products

  • Convenient 40" rolls (325' long)
    --Installs fast so you can move quickly to your other jobs

  • Reusable—save it for your next construction project
    --When is the last time you re-used paper or film protection?

  • Floor-Defender™ Premium Safe Tack Tape is available too!
    --Superior performance of painters tape (yet more robust) that will last the entire job

  • Offers tremendous savings!

Compare to Econo Runner at $.33/sq. ft. - you save up to $.16/sq. ft. with our Floor-Defender Temporary Floor Protection. Click here for proof! You'll see that our Floor Defender™ is cheaper by 1/3 even on our most expensive single roll pricing!

The performance and value pricing of Floor Defender™ is the reason that it was chosen to protect the flooring at the new Dallas Cowboy's Stadium. Truckload after truckload of Floor Defender rolls were in place for 9 months and even longer during the construction of their brand new stadium.

Installation Instructions:

  • Use Floor Defender™ Premium Temporary Floor Protection Fabric Rolls to protect your flooring

  • Surface must be dry, clean, and free of any debris before applying product

  • Unroll Floor-Defender Premium Flooring Protector to desired length and cut

  • Turn over cut sheet so roll memory is facing surface to be protected

  • Tape seams and edges with Floor Defender Safe Tack Tape Rolls; measure tape length, rip, and apply

Floor-Defender™ is your best defense for protecting your finished floors on any construction project

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